Our company was founded by Charles Shepherd in 1957 and has grown to become one of the largest producers of engineered welded wire security mesh in the US and the only American owned and operated manufacturer.

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Maxstop™, a division of C.E. Shepherd Company, is a second generation Houston family owned and operated small business involved in wire mesh manufacturing. Our 12 acre plant houses 7 special purpose wire mesh production lines. We have produced over 50 miles of the specially designed welded wire mesh for the SBI 225 Border Fence under contract with The Boeing Company. We have a proven record of high quality, reliable delivery and successful execution on large government projects.

Maxstop™ is the supplier of security mesh to Caltrain, Caltrans, North Texas Tollway Authority, and other Government rail and tollway operators, as well as several departments of correction and contract correctional facility operators in the US and Mexico. We also supply security fence for cell phone and communication stations, pipeline pump stations, wind generation farms, nuclear power plants, remote operating bases, ports, airports and other types of sensitive government installations.

Environmental Responsibility

C.E. Shepherd proudly leads the way in manufacturing programs and practices to reduce our carbon footprint and has developed methods to reduce our energy consumption. We consistently monitor air emissions, storm water runoff, and waste water discharge. We also recycle 100% of our steel and plastic scrap. Our products are fabricated from domestic steel and plastic that contains up to 85% recycled content.