Anti Climb Fencing Companies

We know that you have a choice in anti climb fencing suppliers — but wouldn’t you rather do business with the company that has been trusted by federal agencies since 1957? At C.E. Shepherd, we take fencing seriously, providing systems for some of the nation’s highest-security facilities.

These include nuclear power plants, military bases, oil and gas facilities and a variety of other high-stakes areas. You cannot afford to compromise when it comes to anti cut fencing manufacturing at your facility.

How we outpace other anti climb fencing suppliers

Our anti cut fencing manufacturing process yields attractive, highly secure welded wire mesh. These fence products feature wire mesh that is too narrow to accommodate wire cutters or even the fingers of potential fence climbers. The heavy steel wire is also resistant to:

  • Chemical application
  • Explosives
  • Power cutting and climbing tools
  • Vehicle impacts
  • And other threats

C.E. Shepherd is superior to other small mesh fencing companies because we always put our customer first. We understand that security needs are time-sensitive; your facility cannot be left without fencing for even a short period of time.

That is why we always maintain available capacity to respond to urgent requests. Other mesh fencing suppliers simply do not measure up to our level of responsiveness. At our 14-acre plant in Houston, Texas, we are able to quickly develop new fencing products for even the most demanding applications.

Our company has been providing wire mesh and security products for decades, and our satisfied clients know that we are top among anti climb fencing suppliers. Let us show you just how superior our customer service and custom products are. Contact us today to learn more about ways in which we can make your facility safer than ever before.