ASTM A185 F2453 Welded Fence Suppliers

Your facility’s security requirements call for ASTM A185 welded wire mesh — so, where do you turn to find this specialized material? Everyday fabricators may not be well-versed in meeting the ASTM F2453 specifications, and failing to comply with these requirements could lead to dire consequences.

The good news: C.E. Shepherd can help. Our high-end fencing materials are fully certified under the ASTM specifications, providing you with the peace of mind for both security and compliance. Our products are meticulously inspected and tested to guarantee alignment with these standards, making us one of the most reliable welded wire mesh fence suppliers on the market today. Our clients choose C.E. Shepherd fences because:

  • We can take on projects of any size
  • We have a variety of fencing options and security barriers available
  • Our team has been a trusted source of wire fencing materials since 1957
  • We offer 10- and 15-year warranty options to protect your investment


Quick delivery for your ASTM A185 welded wire mesh

Perhaps most importantly, C.E. Shepherd is able to respond quickly to your need for ASTM F2453 fence specifications and products. We understand that speedy delivery can make a significant difference in your ability to do your job and ramp up your facility to full production. That is why we are committed to providing on-time, on-budget systems for our valued clients. C.E. Shepherd serves a diverse array of clients with a wide variety of needs, including the U.S. military, power companies, industrial partners and correctional institutions.

Our wide range of experience means that we are able to fully understand the requirements at your facility. When your projects call for ASTM A185 welded wire mesh, look no further than C.E. Shepherd. We offer the support of a local fabricator with the manpower to fuel a 14-acre facility — and we can’t wait to get started on your project! Contact us today to learn more.