Barbed Razor Wire Fence Suppliers

At C.E. Shepherd, we understand that barbed wire fence manufacturing is more than simply creating a security product — it means that we produce peace of mind for our valued clients. There are scores of razor wire fence suppliers for industrial applications, C.E. Shepherd stands above the rest because of our commitment to customer service.

We appreciate the need for expediency when it comes to filling your security product needs; that is why we maintain a 14-acre facility in Houston that allows us to quickly respond to your requests. As the largest manufacturer of wire mesh in the United States, C.E. Shepherd is poised to deliver the barbed wire fence materials that you need — right when you need them.

We have been trusted by the federal government and other key agencies since 1957; let us provide you with the most reliable options for securing your facilities.


How our barbed wire fence manufacturing team can help you find the perfect product

Industrial fencing needs are generally different than those at a residence. For instance, aesthetics play a different role in your decision-making at an industrial facility when compared to your home. Our razor wire fence suppliers know that barbed wire and razor wire fences offer these advantages:

  • Strength against intrusion
  • Lower maintenance than wooden fences
  • Psychological protection – intruders see a more difficult target
  • Cost-effective installation
  • Quick installment and transportation
  • Durability
  • Round-the-clock protection

Your industrial facility deserves to be outfitted by the experts in wire mesh fence manufacturing. Instead of going with the bargain-basement option, invest in your fence — and invest in the confidence that your property will be protected at all hours of the day or night.

C.E. Shepard’s professional team provides decades of barbed wire fence manufacturing expertise. Let us show you the difference that our level of customer service can make — contact us today to learn more about our available products.