Central America Welded Wire Mesh Fencing

How many Central America welded wire fence manufacturers can offer the credibility that comes along with working for some of the most secure facilities in the United States? C.E. Shepherd is a member of an elite group of Central America wire mesh security fencing fabricators, offering high-security options for institutions including embassies, nuclear power plants, petrochemical refining operations and other sensitive locations. We know that you have a choice in your Central America security fencing manufacturers, which is why we are committed to delivering only the best fences for your specific needs.


What options are available with C.E. Shepherd as your Central America welded wire fence manufacturers?

C.E. Shepherd offers a diverse array of security barriers and welded fences to meet your security needs. These range in ruggedness from the Tier 4 options, which are generally used at bridges, parking lots and pedestrian rights-of-way, to the Tier 1 MaxStop fence, which is used to secure sensitive military facilities and nuclear storage areas. This wide range of available products means that you do not have to shop at multiple Central America wire mesh security fencing fabricators – C.E. Shepherd is your one-stop shop. Our fences are specially designed to withstand:

  • Attempts to cut or climb
  • Chemical attacks
  • Explosions
  • Vehicle impacts
  • Missiles
  • And a variety of other hazards

Our fences are designed for easy, quick installation with the use of a custom panel system. Fences are available in extra-tall models, including 12-feet and higher. Government agencies and private enterprises with multi-million dollar holdings can benefit from our experience in robust fencing systems that are designed to prevent or delay a variety of intrusions.

We want to be your Central America welded wire fence manufacturers of choice, which is why we offer unparalleled customer service that gets your fence to you when you need it. Trust our professionals to save the day, no matter your fencing needs! Let’s talk business — contact us ASAP to learn more about our high-grade fencing products.