Military Base & Prison Security Fencing

C.E. Shepherd is the most trusted provider of military base perimeter security supplies. As the nation’s largest manufacturer of wire mesh, our team is exceptionally skilled at meeting high-security needs, making us one of the premier military and prison perimeter security fencing companies.

Prison and military fences are among the most robust, rugged and critical fencing systems in our modern world, which means that there is little room for error. In fact, finding someone who can deliver your perimeter fencing supplies on-time and on-budget is much harder than most administrators realize. Instead of risking your security with a bargain-basement solution, consider working with our team of experts to develop a customized fencing system that complies with all ASTM standards and actually meets your strict requirements the first time.


Leading Provider of Military Base Perimeter Security Supplies

Military and prison perimeter security fencing companies have some of the most stringent specifications with which to comply. Fences can be as tall as 12 feet or higher, with specially gauged wire and features such as anti-climb and anti-cut designs. Furthermore, prisons and military facilities often have logistical challenges that constrain:

  • Who can work on the fence
  • How materials are acquired
  • How tools are used and stored
  • Ways in which the fences are installed

Instead of dealing with a company that does not understand these very specific requirements, consider seeking C.E. Shepherd’s expert help. We provide responsive service and high-quality products, making us a premier source for military base perimeter security supplies. We are dedicated to your satisfaction and provide you with the additional support you need to select the proper materials for your fence. We also provide long-term warrantees that give you peace of mind in the event of material failure. We cannot wait to help you address your fencing concerns. Let us provide you with a comprehensive plan to improve your security and safety.