Perimeter High Security Fencing Company

If you are looking for the most reliable, rugged products from a perimeter security fencing company, look no further than C.E. Shepherd. Our top-of-the-line security systems are trusted by entities including nuclear power generators, correctional facilities, and federal agencies.

When it comes to perimeter fencing fabrication, no one understands the nuances of your needs quite like C.E. Shepherd. All of our products are made right here in the United States, making us one of the most responsive high security fencing fabrication companies in the nation.


Why choosing the right perimeter security fencing company could make or break your operation

C.E. Shepherd understands that responsiveness is key when it comes to perimeter fencing fabrication. If you experience an intrusion, you need a replacement fence in short order. C.E. Shepherd has the capacity to quickly respond to all customer requests; when you do business with us, you get every penny’s worth.

As your premiere security mesh fencing company, C.E. Shepherd offers attractive fences with warranties up to 15 years. Our perimeter protection fencing is designed to withstand:

  • Power cutting and climbing tools
  • Automatic weapons
  • Explosives
  • Vehicle impact
  • Chemical applications
  • And other forms of attack

C.E. Shepherd is so highly regarded that we hold a federal contract for the border fence with Mexico. We are a historically underutilized business (HUBZone) that works closely with state and federal agencies to secure a variety of facilities. These include military applications and immigration holding areas.

We are the perimeter security fencing company that is trusted by the federal government; if our products are strong enough for military facilities, they are undoubtedly reliable for your commercial facility. Contact us today to learn more about our products, and let us help you find the right fence for your property and security needs.