Physical Security Barriers Company

If you are managing a high-risk, sensitive facility, you know that your physical security barriers system should extend far past simple fencing. Furthermore, you may know C.E. Shepherd as your reliable source for MaxStop fencing panels, but we offer so many more security barrier systems to supplement our fencing products. Our security barriers are designed to:

  • Define boundaries
  • Restrict movement within a demarcated area
  • Prevent intrusion
  • Obscure visual observation
  • And meet other facility needs

Our physical security barriers can be customized to meet your individual needs, no matter how specialized. We offer security barrier systems that are designed to complement our MaxStop products, along with additional pedestrian and transportation fencing known as TranSafe.


Why our diverse in-house services make us the top security barrier manufacturers

C.E. Shepherd is your top security barrier gate company because of our diverse array of in-house services. We produce a wide range of welded and wire-fabricated products, including zoo cages and other specialty security items. This means that we bring a comprehensive perspective to manufacturing your security barriers, using out-of-the-box thinking to develop custom solutions that truly meet your needs.

Furthermore, our physical security barriers are delivered in a quick, responsive manner that surpasses the competition. You would not choose the bargain-basement option when it comes to constructing your buildings — so why would you fail to invest in your security systems that protect your holdings? C.E. Shepherd offers top-quality products at competitive prices, allowing you to make the up-front investment in your property’s security that can significantly lower your business risk. Our company is the fabricator of choice for the border fence between the United States and Mexico – and we should be the fabricator of choice for your industrial applications. Let us show you the difference in our customer service offerings. Call us today to learn more.