Private Commercial Welded Fencing Suppliers

If you feel like you have been wading through a giant pool of private security fencing suppliers without finding the right fit, consider exploring C.E. Shepherd’s products. Our diverse variety of fencing options comprises the top-of-the-line options for commercial security fencing fabrication.

We produce literally millions of feet of wire and welded fencing annually, for clients as diverse as nuclear power plants, the U.S. military, airports, schools, office parks and municipalities. Our specialized MaxStop fencing system is designed to repel climbing, cutting and corrosion, among other threats. When you need only the best in welded security fencing suppliers, contact our expert team.


Why we are the private security fencing suppliers of choice for so many

C.E. Shepherd is the nation’s largest producer of wire mesh and associated supplies. That means that we not only have the capacity to respond to any size of request — no fence is too large or too small — but we can also create customized fencing to meet your specific needs.

Commercial security fencing fabrication is only one element of our business, as we also specialize in other fabrication processes such as manufacturing zoo cages. That means that we bring a wider variety of experience to your fencing concerns, creating custom approaches that integrate principles from our other market sectors.

Furthermore, all of C.E. Shepherd’s products come with:

  • Full ASTM certification
  • 10- or 15-year warranties
  • An eye toward aesthetics
  • Our individual quality assurance
  • Speedy delivery for your rapid-response needs

C.E. Shepherd prides itself on delivering top-notch customer service at a competitive price. Other private security fencing suppliers may make big promises, but our firm is one of the few that is actually able to deliver custom fencing reliably, on-time and on-budget. Stop worrying about the quality and security of your fencing options, and start trusting C.E. Shepherd’s all American-made products. Our sales team would be happy to consult with you.