Texas Welded Wire Mesh Fencing

Your Texas welded wire fence manufacturers of choice, C.E. Shepherd, is one of the most trusted suppliers of wire mesh fencing in the region. Based right here in Houston, our team of top-notch Texas wire mesh security fencing fabricators can solve all of your fencing concerns.

No matter the nature of the job, C.E. Shepherd is ready to respond with speed, accuracy and reliability. Our durable fencing materials do a top-notch job of keeping intruders out of secure spaces and keeping detainees inside facilities such as correctional institutions. As Texas security fencing manufacturers, we take our nation’s security very seriously, which is why we are among those companies that are contracted to construct the border fence between the United States and Mexico.

One contract with C.E. Shepherd, and you will discover the difference in our way of doing business.


We are the leading Texas welded wire fence manufacturers for a reason

When you need fencing repairs or installation, you cannot afford to wait for panels and supplies. Damaged or missing fencing can lead to major security issues and potential downtime at your industrial facility. You need the assistance of reliable Texas wire mesh security fencing fabricators on your timeline, not theirs.

That is why we are so dedicated to providing our clients with quick delivery and customer service. There is no room for error when it comes to constructing a fence to specialized specifications at military facilities, power plants, prisons and detainee centers. We offer custom fencing known as MaxStop, which is available in multiple strengths and protects against:

  • Power cutting and climbing
  • Explosions
  • Vehicle impact
  • Chemical application
  • And other types of impact

You deserve to work with only the best Texas welded wire fence manufacturers — which is why you should rely on C.E. Shepherd for your fencing needs. We can provide a rapid quote and get your project started in record time. Contact us to learn more.