Welded Wire Mesh Fencing

When it comes to finding a welded wire fence manufacturer, it is hard to beat the quality and level of service provided by MaxStop Fences, a division of C.E. Shepherd. After all, our firm has been integral in building portions of the fence that separates the United States and Mexico — and we are trusted by a variety of state and federal agencies to provide intensive fencing systems.

Other wire mesh security fencing fabricators simply cannot compete; C.E. Shepherd has a 14-acre facility and massive capacity to speed our turnaround time. From inception to the placement of the final panel, C.E. Shepherd shows why we are so highly regarded within the community of United States security fencing manufacturers.


What are the advantages of having a dedicated welded wire fence manufacturer?

We encourage our clients to buy local, American-made products. C.E. Shepherd remains an entirely domestic company, demonstrating the capabilities of American wire mesh security fencing fabricators. We help clients identify the right type of fencing for their facilities, accounting for:

  • Required specifications at high-security locations
  • Desired delay time
  • Sensitivity of information, equipment, or personnel at the site
  • And other factors

For welded wire fences, the sky seems to be the limit — we can build fences as tall, long and strong as your facility requires. No job is too big or too small, and we offer some of the fastest delivery options in the business. Welded wire fencing is beneficial because of its potential for customization, its unmovable stability and resistance to intrusion from explosives, power tools, and other destructive methods.

Our Customers

C.E. Shepherd is the go-to welded wire fence manufacturer for companies across the United States because of our commitment to your satisfaction and security. Let us show you the advantages of a welded wire fence by contacting our technical experts today.


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