Welded Wire Mesh Security Fence Company

Welded wire mesh fence manufacturing is a high-stakes enterprise — without the right type of fence at your industrial or government facility, you could be endangering information, property and lives.

At C.E. Shepherd, the nation’s leading producer of wire mesh products, we understand the special requirements that come along with wire mesh security fence fabrication. You deserve a responsive, reliable fabricator that can meet your individual needs, providing you with support along the way. No other security fence manufacturing company is as dedicated to customer satisfaction — we get your fence right the first time, every time.


How we elevate welded wire mesh fence manufacturing

You can find a provider of wire mesh security fence fabrication without too much difficulty. You may not be able to find one that can deliver on-time and on-budget, prioritizing customer service while remaining price-competitive. That’s where the C.E. Shepherd difference really shows. We offer services that work to accommodate your facility’s special requirements, including:

  • Logistical challenges at military facilities and prisons
  • Special requirements for anti-cut or anti-climb technologies
  • ASTM-certified products
  • Quick delivery for expansion or repair panels

Our multi-tiered fencing system, known as MaxStop, offers a variety of choices when it comes to protecting your property and personnel.

We provide welded wire mesh fence manufacturing for facilities as diverse as prisons, academic institutions, transportation facilities, office parks and power generation plants. Our company has been the trusted provider of these services and products since the early 1950s, when our HUBZone business first established a relationship with the federal government. We have a long history of providing high-quality, compliant, American-made security fencing, and we would love you to join that tradition. Let us show you just how we can meet your custom fencing needs — contact us today!