Welded Wire Security Fence Companies

When it comes to protecting your valuable goods, equipment and property, a welded wire security fence is the top-of-the-line option. Traditional chain link fence is no longer the only game in town; your local wire security fence manufacturer knows how to build an even stronger security system for you.

At C.E. Shepherd, we understand the importance of high-quality security products for your valuable holdings. Do not take any risks by selecting substandard fencing. Instead, trust our wire security fence companies to provide you with the resources you need to keep your property safe.


What are the benefits of a welded wire security fence?

Many business owners do not realize that a wire security fence manufacturer can provide them with such serious peace of mind. C.E. Shepherd is the top welded security barrier manufacturer in your area. Our satisfied clients routinely purchase fences that are:

  • Designed with anti-climb features to prevent intrusion
  • Reinforced with additional anti-cut features
  • Customized to meet any security needs

Our company offers four security tiers to meet your facility’s needs. Whether you require a welded wire security fence to protect a nuclear or petrochemical plant, or you are looking to secure an airport or correctional institution with a top-of-the-line fence, we are here to help. Our superior customer service means that you are always considered a priority, and you will get your fencing system in record time.

We know that you cannot delay when it comes to securing your property, so let us evaluate your risk and recommend an appropriate fencing system before you take another step. C.E. Shepherd’s products are all made right here in the United States, so we can get your system to you faster than any of our competitors. Let us show you the difference — contact us today to learn more about your welded wire security fence options.